Investment Thesis

Future unicorns 2020 by sub-industry

Global Megatrends

  • Global megatrends are redefining business models and the way we live and interact

  • Reduced barriers to entry and cost of scaling are fuelling increased disruption

  • Technology-enabled platforms and enterprise software companies are enjoying explosive growth because of increasing technology adoption

The Changing IPO landscape 1990s vs 2010s

Private for Longer

  • The best technology and platform companies are staying private for longer and have already achieved significant market traction

  • They have received repeated financings from the world’s best venture capitalists, often strategic investors and increasingly sovereign wealth funds

Unicorn distribution

Difficult to Access

  • Many traditional investors, who are not ‘insiders’, do not have access to these private companies; and /or

  • Sufficient information to make a timely investment decision in a complex asset class

  • Significant value accretion is occurring as private rather than publicly listed entities